• Trish
    We love Archie our 2 year old poodle cross
    Want some suggestions on healthy treats to give him on a daily basis that keeps him entertained and that are good for his teeth
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  • Cat
    I tend to use random animal parts as treats to avoid the random ingredients you get in a lot of manufactured treats and factor it into the dog's diet (so they get a bit less Scratch than the recommended amount, sorry guys!). Pigs ears (careful here, they are really high in calories), beef tendons, kangaroo tendons, freeze dried green tripe, chicken necks etc. Most decent pet shops will have a supply of such things, although they can be a bit pricey - I buy a lot online (not sure what the etiquette is about mentioning specific sites here, so I'll just say that there're a few Australian suppliers online who specialise in this kind of treats).
    I have found that poodles can be fusspots about chewing things which is not great given they are quite prone to dental issues. Good luck!
  • Kendal
    I used to buy full bully sticks for my two and give them only a couple of times a week. Not only are they quite expensive but for small-medium dogs they're quite large. I find that bull pizzles or bully bites (i.e. the smaller pieces) are a great daily treat, especially for dental care. Shark cartilage is also great for Omega 3's but beware the smell. It's not great :)
  • Holly
    Check out https://happypawsco.com.au :) I've been getting treatos for my little guy from them for a while now and they are amazing!!! Highly recommend. Their sprinkles are really cool too, nice addition to meals!
  • Naomi
    The WAG natural antlers are like a treat for our pooch and they last forever. Other than that we often buy the WAG bullysticks, dehydrated tendons from The Pet Grocer or shredded tasty cheese in his toys.
  • Tricia
    We use dried sweet potatoes and she absolutely loves it!
  • Mike
    How crazy is the Pet Grocer! You never know where to start and they've somehow turned the most feral of things into beautiful products.
  • Mike
    Love the sprinkles concept! Good independent business this one, although most treat brands are. How often do you get treats for Spencer?
  • Naomi
    So beautiful in there! Mm the smell of some of those treats can be pretty god awful tbh but Louis loves them so we make do. They also have a ‘heal balm’ and ‘calm roll-on’ that are beautiful products for pooch scratches and anxious boys. Smells delightful.
  • Holly
    They are a great independent business, so happy I found them! Since he is still a puppy and gets lots of cheese/chicken for training on the daily, we don't really go through the other treats very quickly! I'm one to stock up on the goods and then use them over the course of a month or so :)
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