• Mike
    I don't know much about them, but looking at writing an article for Off The Leash on DNA testing for dogs.

    Has anyone done one and able to share their experiences?
  • Roxane
    My dog is a rescue and I want to find out his mix, and do the health testing as he is older. Its really confusing googling as most results are american. There arent that many companies doing it here? All I can find are Orivet and ADVANCE. Anyone know what tests the Vet use?
  • Cat
    I've not done one, but as one of my dogs is a rescued mix breed I did ask my vet about them. She was somewhat underwhelmed and said that she'd sent off a few (at the time, they all had to be sent to the US for testing) and a bunch had come back with Coonhound in the mix. While it's a common breed in the US, it's basically unheard of here. So I opted to not spend the money on it.
  • Esther
    We did one for our dog! We thought we were getting as a golden retriever and it was apparent pretty quickly that she wasn't! She is the most amazing dog so we don't actually care but we were just intrigued as people who met her suggested everything from Duck tolling retriever to poodle to border collie.
  • Kendal
    We got our little monster six years ago. Rescuers thought that he was a Wolfhound X and approx 3 months old. After him not growing almost at all over the first few months we had him, we realised he probably had little Wolfhound in him at all and was more like 6 months old when we adopted him.
    DNA test showed him as a Staffy x Shih Tzu with a smattering of other breeds in there. It explains his unique combo of barrely little body and pronounced underbite VERY well.
    The DNA test went in to the genetic breakdown of his parents and his grandparents and explained different temperaments and health concerns that we should be looking out for given his lineage.
    It really was not as expensive as I thought it would be and am really happy I did it (gave it to my husband as a birthday present) and look forward to getting our second rescue tested also.
  • Lisa
    A friend was using every black shampoo she could find on her dog to try and correct the "sunbleaching" she thought was going on with her long haired black pooch. She got a DNA test done and found out her "black" dog was actually genetically brown! Needless to say she stopped trying to correct the supposed sunbleaching.
  • Sophie Ana
    We did a DNA test for one of our dogs as we were playing the guessing game for years! We all thought he was a stumpy tail x due to his unique spots, but the results came back and it showed that he came from 6 generations of cross breeding with cattle dogs, american staffies and a bull terrier somewhere along the way.

    It was a cool experience to get it done and helped us understand his background and potential upbringing a bit more.
  • Shannon
    Had the ADVANCE test done about 2.5 years ago with my rescue girl (cost about $120 back then.) We guessed she was Kelpie x ACD from the first photo we saw of her and realised soon after meeting that there was Staffy in there too. Sent off the test out of curiosity and according to it we were on the money - other than her having a little bit of Lab in there as well, which I do believe I can see in her eyes now. So quite impressed with the results there.
    However I also know of (what looked like and was eventually confirmed to be) a Dingo puppy whose DNA results initially came back as Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso x Border Collie x American Staffy x Dogue De Bordeaux, the results having been mixed up. The company identified and amended their mistake very quickly but not before we'd all had a good laugh about it lol
  • murph
    I know this is an old post now, but I thought I'd offer my experience: I got my (pound puppy, they said staffy x kelpie) done by "Viaguard Accu-metrics" and the results were 40% Belgian Malinos, 40% German Shepard and 20% mix of English Staffy, Bull Terrier, Whippet and Australian Coolie. She does have traits and physically resembles all of these breeds, except the Whippet. She looks like a tall staffy that had a shepard's head put on it, with stand up ears. nZ9UBtr.jpg
  • Mike
    She's beautiful @murph!
    Sounds like money well spent.

    We ended up posting an article on DNA testing for dogs in case you're interested, at https://www.offtheleash.com.au/2019/06/dna-test-for-dogs/
  • JLC
    I've used this one from Embark and they give you a huge amount of information about breeds and also health conditions your dog might be predisposed to
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