• Holly
    My little guy LOVES his crate, but he will soon outgrow it! Our plan then is to probably get a nice little bed for the corner of our room :)
    Do your pups sleep on the bed (in the bed...), on the floor, in a crate or maybe they are in another room or outside?
  • Lisa
    We got a crate for our baby and while he slept in it if we closed him in, he much prefers to sleep on the hardwood floors. He has a nice comfy memory foam bed he could be using but pretty much without fail he will be passed out on his back, legs in the air on the wood floors near the base of the stairs. (Upstairs bedroom for us, and no climbing flights of stairs for giant breed puppies while their bones are developing)
  • Holly
    Spencer also prefers the floor to his bed! They really do seem to like lying on their backs all splayed out! haha
  • Mike
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Lisa

    It's totally a thing. I know he is really asleep when he rolls onto his back. I have cameras so I can check up on him while I'm at work and last week I checked on him in the middle of a big storm to find him asleep, belly up, in a puddle in the rain. He was ABSOLUTELY SOAKED. 3xy51x09t47lmi0n.jpg
  • Holly
    Spencer does the same thing!! I will never understand how it's comfortable for them haha 8nc70k38xzah9wx2.jpg
  • Doug
    Snoop graduated from a crate to the laundry with a doggy dog through to the garden.
    He was very destructive and or dismissive of dog beds for a long time and only accepted a large carpet matt that he made into a nest! Now he has decided that an old sofa cushion might be ok to sleep on.
  • Holly
    It's so interesting how pups prefer a harder surface to sleep on! We have had the same experience with Spencer when we offered him a soft bed - he just wanted to dig and destroy it and wouldn't settle in it. Even in his crate at night he will push all the blankets aside so he can sleep on the plastic floor!
  • Lisa
    PROGRESS!!! After many attempts to get Finn to actually use his bed, moving it at night so it was closer to his preferred sleeping location near the base of the stairs.... We came downstairs th is morning to find our floofy pooch asleep ON HIS BED. Craziness!
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