• Mike
    New to dog:talk and Off The Leash? Introduce yourself (and your dog) here.

    My name is Mike and I have spent my life surrounded by Collies and Cocker Spaniels. You can find me sipping coffee around Collingwood (damn hipster) and pointing out Bernese Mountain Dogs to my girlfriend, in hope that she'll finally let us get one.

    I've been fostering of late after our Cocker Spaniel passed, and just had to give back this beautiful Lab 'Navi' yesterday after three months at Scratch HQ and my home. Still devestated and not used to the heartbreak of fostering, but moving houses soon and excited to bring a dog into the family more permenantly.

  • Doug
    My name is Doug and this is Snoop!


    He is a 3.5-year-old Beagle. Favourite activities are eating, sniffing and belly rubs.
  • Jake
    Hi, I'm Jake and this is our Adventure Puppy 'Biscuit' at 9 weeks.


    He's a Bull-Arab x Dalmation x Great Dane and we adopted him 2 weeks ago from a rescue shelter.
    First time dog owner here, but couldn't have wished for a better puppy.
    Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you and getting some tips!
  • Mike
    Welcome :)

    What a beautiful pup! What sort of personality do you think he's developing? He looks a little cheeky to me!
  • Phillipa Constant
    Hi I’m Phillipa. These are my two mini dachshund Finn and Jake. tlcbusf2kbkf6og8.jpeg
  • Cat

    I'm Cat and here's Jeffrey - a 2 year old cocker spaniel X something. He will be best friends with any oodle he meets, but for some reason is not a fan of pointers. He's not the smartest dog, but he loves training and doing jumps and tunnels.
  • Anna Sarantinos
    Dingo and Wookie

    I am Anna and these two little mutts are my babies, Dingo and Wookie. A foxy chi and a groodle. Bothe rescued/rehomed and loving life
  • Bec
    I am Bec, and this is Banana, 6.5 year young Yorkie. His favourite toy is the Kong mini balls.
  • Lisa
    Hi! I'm Lisa and this is Finn. He is a 6 month old (yesterday) Newfoundland and he is growing super fast. He is a sweetie with a cheeky personality. He has no idea how big he is and likes to lie under tables. He loves the water but doesn't want to go deeper than his belly!
  • Debbie
    Hi my name is Beau (Westie) and went to Santa last year in costume......OMG
    photo Beau on Santa (96K)
  • Mike
    I thought Beau was part of Santas beard haha
  • Mike
    Welcome Anna. Great to see you here. How are Dingo and Wookie doing? Look at their big grins!
  • Chloe
    Hi, I'm Chloe and this is Franklin. He's a 15.5kg(!) brindle pied Frenchie, born in California, who has just made the big move from Los Angeles to Mornington with his family! He loves the beach here, but not so much the cold weather. And he ALWAYS sleeps on our bed. Too often under the covers.
    IMG_20170413_114932 (198K)
  • Anna Sarantinos
    Wookie and Dingo are being their usual happy selves. I wish i could bring them down to the Dog Lovers Show to meet you guys.
  • Suzanne
    Hi, I'm Suzanne and I'm mum to two of these boys here, Happy and Cashie (From left to right).
    I adopted them from two previous families that couldn't take care of them anymore and now we are family. :)
  • Kendal
    This is Sparrow and Ducky. Only possible to get them sitting still for a photo together if you are eating.
    Both rescues and both absolute dinguses.
    Ducky and Sparrow (783K)
  • Holly
    Hi! I'm Holly and this is my little guy Spencer. He is a 5 month old Lagotto Romagnolo! They are an ancient Italian breed of pup that specialise in water retrieval and digging for truffles - and they are still used in Europe today as working dogs! Completely gorgeous and INSANELY smart, not to mention so very loving! He's been an absolute dream pup :) ftoy0bsw719lkkz2.jpg
  • Naomi
    Hi, I’m Naomi. My partner Josh and I have an 8 month old Whippet named Louis. He’s a ratbag and he loves snuggles.gi2kgp4u75uec2nf.jpeg
  • Naomi
    they’re so beautiful!
  • Mike
    haha funniest photo. Welcome Chloe. I can't believe he's such a well travelled pup! I'm just about to make a thread about flying with dogs. Would love to get your feedback on it :smile:
  • Aimee
    Woof, woof Scratch lovers,

    My name's Rocco and my mums name is Aimee.

    Tail wagging...
    RoccoSmall (114K)
  • KRL
    It's not often I find a dog breed I've never heard of! Your Spencer is just precious!

    I am K and I currently just have dreams for a dog (hopefully a GSD coming my way in the next few months...)
  • Holly
    We had never heard of it either! Just stumbled across the breed, and SO happy we did! Such amazing dogs :) How exciting that you may be getting a pup in the near future, I'll have my fingers crossed for you!
  • Stu
    Hey everyone,
    My name is Stu & I am a new member of the Scratch team!
    I have been following the Scratch journey since day 1.
    You may have seen me at the Scratch Launch Party, or helping out Mike & Doug at the Melbourne Dog Lovers show.
    From now on you will be hearing more from me, as I integrate myself into the fantastic Scratch team & culture, with my focus being on Customer Happiness :)
    Please feel free to say hi anytime, I'm here to help!

    (Below is me with my old boy Chester riding shotgun and my uncles dog Rusty in the back)
  • Bianca

    My name's Bianca and I'm a dog lover since I was a kid.
    I treat my partner's dog as my own. His name is Hugo, a pugalier. I am determined to get Hugo to his healthy weight & summer body as he's currently a bit chubby (according to the body condition score from off the leash article). We are going to play chase more often. You might recognise Hugo in Melbourne puppy pub crawl posters, he gets a lot of treat if he goes with me hosting the crawl (now you know why he's chubby). Thank you for your awesome page and keep educating us dog lovers.

  • Mike
    Haha he's gorgeous! Nice to meet you Bianca, and thanks for joining :smile:
  • AmznPete
    Hey all,
    This is Molly (Boxer) & Bowser (British Bulldog) & we are new members of Scratch!
    Molly is 8 years old & was brought up with our eldest son, 8 who are best of friends!
    Molly who is diagnosed with liver disease & most fussy girl who we couldn't get her to eat dry food very often but once we have joined the Scratch team, she now cannot wait to hover into it!
    Bowser is our new addition, only 11 weeks old. He loves cuddles & also likes chewing our 2 year old daughters toys but part from that his just the cutest!
    PhotoCollage_20190909_212922954 (225K)
  • Mike
    Welcome Molly, Bowser & @AmznPete!

    What an amazing family, and Bowser is too damn cute!
  • Des Bastin
    Hi, Scully 3 years old Kelpie terrier X... and currently being seriously missed by her owner who is in Istanbul she's having a great time I believe with her dog sitters ... Im the one having separation anxiety lolz6zswi55uf1nea7k.jpeg
  • Mike
    hahaha that photo is the best! Onya Scully!

    Can definitely relate to that feeling! Enjoy your trip Des! :smile:
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