• Mike
    I've been thinking about what breeds are the most misunderstood.

    What's a breed that really changed your opinion after being able to spend good time with them?
  • Lisa
    It's not directly an answer to your question, but it is related.... Something interesting I have noticed with my dogs.

    My last dog was a Great Dane. He was born an old man, with beautiful manners and the gentlest disposition I have ever seen in a dog. His ability to read body language was uncanny. He could be running around like a crazy puppy one minute and then stop dead a couple of metres from a not visibly ill person and gently sidle up to them for a pat. However, on numerous occasions, I'd be walking him down the street and people would either run from him (not the greatest response to the sight of a dog unless you want to be chased) or cross the road to avoid us. This happened many times over his life, so I know it wasn't just one or two people.

    My current dog is a Newfoundland. At 10 months he is already the same weight as my Great Dane in his prime, and the same height, easily. He is a bundle of energy and thinks everybody wants to cuddle him. He has no idea of his size or strength and in his excitement of ALL the new smells on walks quickly forgets what gentle means. The interesting thing is that people don't cross the road to avoid him - they cross the road to get in his path. People stop their cars and get out asking for pats. They run up to us and want cuddles.

    Don't get me wrong, he is a beautiful dog, and they aren't that common. He is quickly learning manners, but the only visible difference to a non-dog person is the fluff. It seems to me that people think fluffy means friendly. In his case, it is true, but it isn't always. I hope that the misunderstanding that fluffy always means friendly doesn't get some people in trouble some day - especially as I know it will be the dog that gets the negative reputation.
  • Mike
    That's so interesting isn't it. It feels like most things, without education people's deep fears take over. Fluffy dogs are generally smiling in photos so they look harmless and friendly and so much easier to judge positively on appearance. Instagram definitely doesn't help breed prejudice!
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