• Selena
    I have been noticing that my dog need a space to do exercise, jumping running etc. I take my dog with me while walking but most of the time I am at work and at that time my dog bore and want to go outside. I have a large garden in my home and I am now thinking to buy this dog run for my dog so that he can easily do whatever he wants to do and also I am not afraid of anything that he is fine or not. Doing this is a good way to keep my dog entertaining?
  • Mike
    Hey @Selena,
    Really interesting question. We really need an experienced dog behaviourist in here to help with questions like this as I'm not too familiar with it and would hate to give the wrong advice.

    Are you nervous about your dog being able to escape the backyard, if you were just to let him run around the yard without a cage at all?

    Does anyone else have any experience with this to offer?
  • Lisa
    I don't think it matters much if you keep your dog in the house while you aren't home, in your yard, or in a dog run in the yard - if there is nothing to keep them interested in the space they are kept they are going to get bored. If your yard is easy for your dog to escape from, then the run might be a good idea, but if it's just an empty box your dog will still end up bored.
  • Selena
    I totally understand but what If I am not at home and suddenly if happened in my home then my dog is not save there that's why I am nervous.
  • Holly
    It's absolutely a personal choice. For us we keep our dog inside when we are out as we know he would dig up the entire yard if we let him! But I know lots of people who have installed doggy doors so their dogs can come and go as they please, and others who just leave them outside with no issues as they know they cannot escape or get into much mischief. As Lisa said, if it's about keeping them entertained it won't really matter whether they are inside or outside as it depends more on what you leave them with! So it's really up to you and what makes you feel most at ease :)
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