• Mike
    I've always had dogs that actually liked being bathed, but the dog I'm fostering hatesssss it.

    I don't have the heart to wash her when she's wimpering trying to jump out of the bath.

    Any tips to help me (and her)?
  • Lisa
    You need to make the bath a great place to be.
    You could start just getting her used to the bath without water in it, playing with toys and getting treats in there. When that's good, just put a little bit of water in there, don't try and wash her, and repeat with the play and treats. Slowly up the intensity and time period.

    Another option is to get her a kiddie pool and get her used to playing in the water outside. You may end up with a more grotty dog before you end up with a clean one, but that could work too.

    Finn loves a bath, but hates the drying that happens afterward. As he grows it is quickly taking longer to dry him. I got a lickimat (I was trying to find a large one at the dog lovers show but no luck. Luckily eBay is my friend) for him. It's basically a silicone rubber plate with grooves on it. Slather something tasty on it like applesauce, dog yoghurt or peanut butter, or even wet dog food (freeze it if you want it to last longer). We just put it on the floor while we are drying him, but you could stick it to the wall with blutac or something so she can have at it in the tub. Instant distraction, and supposedly licking is calming!
  • Mike
    That's so incredibly helpful. Thanks Lisa!

    I'll try your advice this week and report back :)
  • Holly
    As Lisa was saying, lickimats are great! These ones are made to stick to surfaces for bath/grooming time! I have found they really work to distract Spencer whilst we groom him. Good luck!


  • Lisa
    I tried the canned ziwi peak lamb and tripe stuff on Finn's lickimat this weekend. Froze it, because my boy has a big tongue and he clears an unfrozen lickimat in 0.2 seconds. Kept him interested for long enough for us to blow dry his whole body (about 45 minutes), and grind his back toenails (another 10 minutes-ish?). Seriously worth the $10-15 investment. You gotta supervise them, because I can see them quickly being destroyed if someone starts chewing, but they would be great for keeping pooches quiet after surgery as well as an awesome distraction during grooming!
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