• Mike
    My partner and I have been in limbo for the last year, fostering while our next few years was uncertian. Her career might see us move overseas and me split my time working between Melbourne & likely New York/Amsterdam.

    We hadn't felt comfortable about getting another dog until we were settled and knew he/she would have a stable home and infrequent interuptions - especially as bringing dogs back into Austalia was up to 2 months in customs quarantine. I hear that's down to closer to two weeks now but unconfirmed.

    I'm curious though - has anyone flown with a dog and have any advice to give on flying with dogs?
  • Aimee
    Although I have not used the company myself, apparently Jetpets is excellent for flying dogs.
  • Holly
    Whilst I haven't been through it myself, I had a friend who did last year. They said that when they come into Australia they have to fly into Melbourne and stay in the quarantine facility there for at least 10 days, which costs around $2,000. So that's definitely a shorter time period than it used to be. She said the worst part was that you can't see them for that time and it can be longer if there are any type of health problems or if there a delays with getting them a spot at the facility. Whereas if you are going to the US, it's still a pretty costly process but there is no quarantine period.

    We used Jetpets to get our little guy to us and they were amazing! They are the company that the Department of Defence also uses when they relocate people, so it's pretty popular. They take care of your pet before the flight, get them onto the flight and pick them up and take them to their kennels if you aren't there yet. They will even deliver them to your house! They also give really great advice on what you need and what to expect :)
  • Anna Sarantinos
    Australia is so far behind on this. In Europe you can take your dog on a flight with you, as long as is a certain weight. My cousin brought his Rottie from overseas and cost him close to 8k. Quarantine was 10 days. It is very hard to bring dogs in our country unfortunately.
  • Doug
    In the US is it common to see dogs on planes. These are normally "certified" emotional assistance dogs.

    With flying dogs to Australia, it looks like each airline have their own rules. Qantas has some banned breeds-maybe because they consider them dangerous, and flight time restrictions of 5hours on flat faced breeds like bulldogs, pugs and bostons due to health risks. That pretty much rules out flights to Aus fo them.
  • Lisa
    To be honest, with the stories I've seen of dogs on overseas airlines not surviving the trip, I'm not sure I'd be willing to risk it with my dog.
  • Janette
    I haven’t flown my Cavvy overseas but she used to to the Darwin to Adelaide return leg when we lived up there, she was fine, we just put a frozen water bottle (to lick as it melts) and an old piece of my husbands clothing in with her, she was snuggles up in his clothes when we picked her up at the freight shed. My hubby flew her home (to Melbourne) from Adelaide as a surprise for me with Jet Pets and they we wonderful!
    Having said all that, she is 14.5 years old now and I wouldn’t fly her now (unfortunately her annual holiday to Adelaide to see her granny and pop requires a drive half way to Adelaide to swap her into my parents car... flying was much easier!
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